HEADLINES Published February24, 2016 By Beatrice Asuncion

Bill Gates Speaks About the Zika Virus

(Photo : WPA Pool | Getty Images News)

Recently one of the richest man in the world Bill Gates and his wife Melinda spoke about the tragic outbreak of the Zika virus across the globe. According to the tech mogul, the couple's foundation, " The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" is currently helping the World Health Organization or the WHO to combat the rapid spread of the mosquito-borne virus.

According to Bill Gates ,WHO's response to Zika virus is far more impressive than with their response to the Ebola outbreak. While many have criticized the slow response of the organization to the epidemic,  Bill Gates believes that the  WHO is doing everything that it can to find a cure and to help the people that are infected especially the infants.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has helped the poorest countries to recover from the disease that have pillaged the nation.

Moreover, the foundation also funds the medical research for finding cures for different illnesses. Back in 2014, the foundation reportedly released a whopping $43.5 billion worth of grants to fund studies that would improve the overall response to disease outbreaks.

In Bill Gates' recent statement, the Microsoft CEO explained that more than providing cures for diseases their foundation have supported research on eliminating the threats brought about by mosquitoes.  

"There's a couple of things the foundation has invested in for a long time, one is how you either change mosquitoes not to carry viruses or how you change mosquitoes so their populations go down dramatically. Those are technologies that we were working on to get rid of dengue and malaria" explained Gates.

Bill is positive that scientists are getting closer to finally unravelling the cure for this virus. He has went on to predict that given the enthusiasm for research, developments in clean energy would be able to save the planet altogether.  

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