HEADLINES Published March8, 2016 By Annie D.

Low Vitamin D Linked with More Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells

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Not having enough Vitamin D is linked to the spread or growth of breast cancer cells, a new study says. The study reiterated the value of maintaining vitamin D levels because this could act as a protection against cancer. 

According to a new study by the Stanford University School of Medicine, mice with breast cancer and yet lacking in Vitamin D, experienced a spread in their tumor growth compared to mice who have the healthy amount of vitamin D.

According to the lead researcher, Dr. Brian Feldman, although more research should be done, their findings should be taken to heart. "Although much more research needs to be done, research from our lab and others suggests that people at risk for breast cancer should know their vitamin D levels and take steps to correct any deficiencies," the assistant professor of pediatrics said.

In a related news, the lack of a new study also showed that men who have low vitamin D were more likely to have more rapidly growing tumors than those with healthy levels of the vitamin.

Do not overdose on Vitamin D however. While it cannot hurt to soak a few minutes of sun everyday to up our levels of Vitamin D and take vitamin supplements, you should do this only if your doctor said you are deficient on this particular vitamin. This is because some studies have established that too much Vitamin D is also associated with kidney, heart, and other organ damage. Some health experts will cautioned against taking too much vitamin D supplements too since exposure to sun changes quickly all the time. People's ability to absorb vitamin from the sun's UV rays is also different from each other as well, depending on where they live and what color their skin is. 

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