HEADLINES Published March8, 2016 By Beatrice Asuncion

Recepient of the First Uterus Transplant Speaks out About Her Experience

(Photo : Ian Waldie, Getty Images)

Just a week ago, doctors from The Cleveland Clinic confirmed the success of the first uterus transplant in the country. The nine hour procedure was conducted on a 26 year old woman and the uterus used in the transplant came from a deceased donor.

Since the success of the operation, deterrents of the procedure have voiced out their criticism surrounding the viability of uterus transplants to the majority of women. The criticism stem from the fact that some believe that a transplant is an extreme means for women to go through just to get pregnant. Doctors involved in the transplant have since spoken out about the controversy. They argued that while not bearing children is not life threatening, having the option to do so is life-enhancing.

More recently, the woman who went through with the transplant have also commented on her daunting experience.

Lindsey, who opted to withhold her last name to protect the privacy of her sons, have explained that a very young age she was told that she can never have children mainly because she was born without a uterus. She was unsurprisingly devastated by the news.

"I was told at 16 I would never have children. From that moment on I prayed that God would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy," explained Lindsey.

It would take another year for Lindsey to try to get pregnant. At present, she is dosed with high amounts of anti-rejection drugs and conceiving at this point would not be safe for neither Lindsey nor the child.

Doctors have also explained the mechanics in which Lindsey's new uterus would operate. Conception would not be done through intercourse since the uterine transplant does not include the fallopian tubes. Instead embryos from Lindsey and her husband's sperm would be implanted in her transplanted uterus. 

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