HEADLINES Published March16, 2016 By Beatrice Asuncion

Clouds in Pluto Discovered

(Photo : Getty Images - NASA)

Some astronomers and a few civilians are still undoubtedly still reeling from Pluto being declassified as a planet a decade ago in 2006. While the reinstatement of Pluto as a planet is still being discussed, a few scientists have recently discovered one more interesting about what was the ninth planet in the solar system.

Scientists from the Lowell Observatory revealed that clouds and a weather system might be present in Pluto. Back in July of 2015 the spacecraft named New Horizon passed Pluto and captured some distinct shots of the now called "dwarf planet." When scientists reviewed these images it led them to conclude that clouds can be seen in Pluto's "atmosphere."

Will Grundy of the Lowell Observatory in Arizona has since spoken about the analysis of what is believed to be clouds in Pluto.

 "There's a few fairly localized low-altitude features just above the limb that I've drawn lame arrows pointing to, but also a few bright cloud-like things that seem to be above and cutting across the topography in the circled area" explained Grundy.

But because the image is a little bit distorted, the team of researchers have yet to definitively confirm what the New Horizon captured in Pluto .

Aside from the New Horizons team, a few other researchers have since analyzed the procured images. John Spencer of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado also recently given a statement on the perceived Plutonian clouts.

 "In the first image an extremely bright low altitude limb haze above south-east Sputnik on the left, and a discrete fuzzy cloud seen against the sunlit surface above Krun Macula (I think) on the right,"

Up until today the group of New Horizon researchers are yet to confirm what they truly discovered in Pluto. Strict analysis and more stringent research is needed in order for them to confirm that Pluto indeed has clouds and a viable weather system.

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