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Jeff Bezos' Company Plans to Send Humans to Space by 2017

(Photo : Chip Somodevilla - GettyImages)

According to several reports Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos is currently working on his childhood dream that requires throwing his much earned billions in investment. Aside from his day job in Amazon, he is currently focused on his new company, Blue Origin, which is involved in manufacturing spacecrafts. Blue Origin has since made a few successful test launches however Bezos is willing to take his company to a whole new level.

The Blue Origin is also known as the media shy company however recently Bezos opened its doors and granted an interview and tour on the company's facilities. During the endeavor he announced his plans of sending humans into space in a few years.

Bezos explained the feature of the spacecraft that the company is currently developing for their project scheduled to be finished by 2018. The spacecraft has been dubbed New Shepard Crew Capsule.

"One of the great things about the architecture is that we can fly it until we have so much confidence. We'll test the ever-living daylights out of the vehicle before ever putting a human on it. By the time anyone gets on, I think you should be willing to bring your mom and your kids" explained Bezos.

The founder also described what the spacecraft would look like. According to him the seats would be reclined and no view would be seen but the flying experience would be incredible.

"The fun thing about ascent is the accelerating acceleration. Basically you have more than 100,000 pounds of thrust from the BE-3 engine, and when you start out there's a lot of propellant on board, and so you're accelerating fairly slowly. But as you burn off the propellant, the vehicle gets very light and the thrust stays the same. So the acceleration increases."

When asked if he is willing to test his own inventions, Bezos revealed that he is more than willing as flying to space is one of his childhood dreams

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