LIFE Published February7, 2017 By Staff Writer

Beyonce Pregancy News: Beyonce's twin pregnancy was result of long effort

The pop star Beyonce's twin pregnancy was a result of a long effort to have a child.

"Beyonce wanted to have a baby and has been trying to have a baby for the past few years," according to People Magazine.

Beyonce officially announced her pregnancy on Wednesday. Beyonce, however, had to endure a controversy with Jay Z before her pregnancy announcement. Jay Z's was even reported to be preparing a divorce.

But in January, the mood changed, with news that Beyonce and Jay Z are looking into LA's luxury mansion. And soon Beyonce's pregnancy was reported. Finally, Beyonce officially acknowledged pregnancy, and all the discontent has disappeared.

"I think Beyonce and Jay Z are a powerful couple and a great team. They know it's a lot more fun to be together than when they're away," he said.

Beyonce and Jay Z married in 2008 and got their first daughter, Blue Ivy, in 2011.

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