LIFE Published February7, 2017 By Staff Writer

Selena Gomez Pregnant? Pop Singer Strongly Denies Pregnancy Rumor

It is another pregnancy rumor. Selena Gomez faced pregnancy rumors lately.

Gossip Cop reported that " Gomez pregnancy news was completely wrong."

Previously, the magazine "Life & Style" reported that "Gomez is pregnant with the child of Weende and is preparing for a secret wedding."

In addition, Gomez said she was having a hard time with morning sickness. The magazine also added that Gomez is contemplating an african safari or tropical Mexican type wedding.

It all turned out to be untrue. "I am pregnant and has no plan to marry Whatever," Gomez said.

On the other hand Ariana Grande also suffered pregnancy rumors in the past as well. But Ariana denied the rumor.

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