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Samsung S8 BixBy AI Update: Will It Beat Google AI?

Samsung Electronics' next smartphone Galaxy S8 will have the artificial intelligence secretary 'Bixby' in up to 8 languages.

IT media Sam Mobile announced on 7th (Wednesday) that AI Secretary Bixby, which will be installed in the Samsung Galaxy S8, is expected to be launched in 7 to 8 languages.

This is far more than the number of languages ​​supported by the AI ​​assistant Google assistant on the Google Pixel phone. According to the Google website, there are currently only two English and German languages ​​available for the Google assistant on the Google Pixel phone. In addition, Google's Artificial Intelligence Messenger Alo supports five languages: English, German, Hindi, Japanese, and Portuguese. AppleShirle supports 36 languages.

Bixby is expected to provide payment processing through voice, basic app control, and objects and text recognition through cameras.

Bixby will likely be linked to other Samsung products such as smart TVs, home appliances and IoT devices as well as smart phones such as the Gal8. Big Sibi is expected to play a much bigger role in the Samsung ecosystem.

Currently, Samsung is competing with many companies to dominate the smartphone market. If Bixby is able to deliver better performance and results than Google's assistant, Apple's Siri, and Amazon's Alexa, it will be in the marketplace's favor, and it will be interesting to watch.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched on March 29th and will be available in mid-April.

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