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LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Who Will Be the Winner?

LG Electronics' strategic smartphone G6 is expected to be released more than a month earlier than Samsung's Galaxy S8.

According to the IT industry, LG Electronics will unveil its G6 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where the Mobile World Congress (MWC) will be held on March 26, and launch its products in the global market starting in Korea next month.

This is significantly ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Electronics has yet to formalize the launch and launch date of the Galaxy S8, but the industry is seeing a strong release on March 29 and April 21. The new Galaxy S was unveiled at MWC, which was inevitably delayed this year due to the Galaxy Note 7 discontinuance.

This is the first time that LG Electronics' premium premium phone G-series comes out ahead of the Samsung S-series. In the meantime, the G-series has been repeating the "back-to-back" style in the market where the S-series has already prevailed.

LG Electronics released the Optimus G, the original of the G series, on September 8, 2012. It was after Samsung released the Galaxy S3 on May 29 of the year. Samsung Electronics is the number one smartphone in the world thanks to the Galaxy S3, which sold 10 million units in just 50 days.

LG Electronics advanced product development every year, but it was not enough.

The Galaxy S4, released on April 26 of that year, stood in front of the G2, which was released on August 7, 2013. The G3 was released on May 27, 2014, more than two months earlier than the previous year, but the launch of the Galaxy S5 was faster than the tempo on April 10.

The G4 was released on April 29, 2015, and the Galaxy S6 was released on April 9 of that year. The G5 was released on March 31 last year and the Galaxy S7 was released on March 10 last year.

The launch of new products faster than competitors and market preemption are very important marketing points. It is for this reason that Samsung Electronics has been accused of recalling and discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7 before Apple's iPhone 7,

It is a great pleasure that LG Electronics has been in the G6 for seven consecutive months in the smartphone business, and there are no new premium phones in the market.

An official in the electronics industry said, "The Galaxy Note 7 space has accumulated a considerable amount of premium phone standby demand in the domestic and overseas markets." If the G6 evaluation is not bad, it can be absorbed before the Galaxy S8. "

Of course, not only the time of release, but also the specifications (performance), price, and promotion of the device itself are also important parameters.

Recently, there was a rumor that the Galaxy S8 moved the fingerprint sensor to the side of the rear camera instead of removing the front button. This contrasts with the G6, which has a fingerprint sensor and a home button underneath the rear dual camera.

The price of the Galaxy S8 is about $100 more than the G6. Samsung Electronics is expected to make a strong promotion, such as '1 + 1', which will give other Samsung phones or TVs a premium if they buy Galaxy S8 in North America like last year.

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