LIFE Published February7, 2017 By Staff Reporter

Donald Trump and Abe to Have Golf Game

US President Donald Trump will invite Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to his luxury resort 'Mar-a-Lago' to have a golf tournament.

The White House said President Trump has invited Prime Minister Abe to visit the resort this week at the end of this week.

Shawn Speyer, a spokesman for Abe, said he plans to hold a golf tour at Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, President Trump's winter resort. The even is to emphasize and show the friendly relations of the two countries, the strength of the alliance and deep economic relations.

The two summits are commonly known as "golf".

 In November last year, Abe met Trump, who won the election, and presented a golf driver.

In addition, they will hold talks in the White House on March 10 ahead of a meeting at Mar-a-Lago. Abe is expected to propose a comprehensive economic cooperation project that will help the US economy in areas such as high-speed rail, energy, and artificial intelligence (AI).

In addition, it is expected to solve the issue of cost sharing of US military presence in the US, withdrawal of the US Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), and the US side's support for the Senkaku archipelago dispute in the territorial dispute with China.

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