LIFE Published February8, 2017 By Staff Reporter

NBA Trade Rumors: Lebron Wants Carmelo Anthony on His Team?

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James seems like he wants Carmelo Anthony on his team to chase another Championship ring.

New York Daily reported that James is putting pressure on Cleveland to bring Anthony even if they have to trade Kevin Love. However, Cavs are not to keen on this trade.

The will of the New York Knicks (or more precisely Phil Jackson) who is trying to send Anthony seems to be pretty strong.

Unlike Jackson's will, Anthony's high salary and falling Melo's value is making it harder for trade to happen.

For this realistic reason, Anthony's future problems is still up in the air.

This rumor is of no help to the team chemistries. If rumors spread that James was trying to trade Love, it could lead to distrust among his teammate . Also, the role of Love in the Cavaliers team may become more ambiguous.

The deadline for the end of the drama is now only few days left.

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