LIFE Published February8, 2017 By Staff Writer

Star Wars Theme Park Opening Day is Coming Soon?

Star Wars theme park 'Star Wars Land' opens in 2019.

According to a Hollywood reporter on Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Iger made a 14-acre "Star Wars Land" at Walt Disneyland in Orlando, USA and It will open in 2019. It's same time as the Star Wars Episode 9 release time.

Star Wars Land, which has already begun construction last April, will be paired with Anaheim Walt Disneyland. There is no known concept other than preconcept art. The Disney park blog, however, attracts attention by introducing the actual size model of the Millennium Falcon, a main character, a solo spacecraft, and allowing visitors to board it to become pilots.

Bob Iger also mentioned the "Avatar" rides and added "We feel like we are in Pandora as a large facility with unique design and architecture."

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