LIFE Published February10, 2017 By Staff Reporter

Miranda Kerr News: Is Top Model Upset with Facebook?

Top model Miranda Kerr was angry on behalf of her fiance Snapchat founder Evan Spegel.

In an interview with The Times in the UK on Monday, Miranda Kerr pointed out that Facebook stole ideas from Snap Chat. Miranda Kerr said, "I can not stand the behavior of Facebook."

Facebook has become a controversy over the last few years, adding features that seem to follow similar features of its competitor, Snapchat. Especially, it is similar to Snap chat, which is similar to 'Sarah Jiggy', which is added to the Instagram.

Miranda Kerr said, "Can not they be innovative? Are you going to steal all of my fiance's ideas? It's really shocking." "It is not an innovation to copy someone else's , it's an embarrassment, how can they sleep at night?"

Miranda Kerr is engaged to Evan Spigel, who is seven years younger, last year, and plans to have a wedding this year.

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