LIFE Published February12, 2017 By Staff Reporter

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date and Rumors: Will Samsung Increase the Number of First Batch?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released at the end of March, Samsung Electronics will increase the volume of the first batch of Galaxy S8 in order to make up for the Galaxy Note 7 discontinuance loss.

In the market, Galaxy S8 will push for 16 million units, nearly 40% higher than the 12 million units sold of Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Electronics is significantly boosting the units made for Galaxy S8 to make up for enormouse loss that they got from lossing Note 7.

The launch of the Galaxy S8 is expected to boost sales volume from early launch and the same time pressure LG G6 which was release earlier than Galaxy S8.

An official of Samsung Electronics said, "If we increase the initial volume, we will be able to offensively reinforce the intial selling," he said. "We can not confirm to what level we are preparing the volume."

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 is expected to be released as a regular S8 and two Galaxy S8 plus.

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