LIFE Published February15, 2017 By Staff Reporter

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7: iPhone 7 Ranks 10th in Russia Quality Survey

In the Russian public sector quality survey, Samsung's smartphone products such as the Galaxy S7 Edge have outperformed Apple products.

The Russian Quality System (RSK), a commodity quality research institute under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, announced the results of quality surveys conducted on smartphone products officially launched in Korea until recently, He said.

According to RSK's overall score, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ranked No. 7, including Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. LG's G4 took the 8th place, and the Galaxy S5 ranks 9th. Apple products have been ranked 16th since the iPhone 7 came in 10th place.

RSK has introduced about 250 smart phone models that have been released until recently, and have conducted a survey on 270 items in 20 categories, including robustness, sound quality, image quality, regeneration, data processing speed and battery performance.

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