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(PHOTO) Odor Smelling Puppy Robot Developed in Japan

(PHOTO) Odor Smelling Puppy Robot Developed in Japan

A puppy robot that smell odor was developed in Japan. This is a result of college student's ideas and now they are making a commercial fund for it.

According to the local Nishinihon newspaper, students at Kitakyushu National University succeeded in developing a living robot that senses the smell and responds to it.

Students who set up venture company "NeXT Technology" at this school installed an odor sensor on the nose of a puppy robot and devised a robot that hovered or barked according to the intensity of the odor measured. Through programming, puppy robot was stunned if the odor was strong.

Students have begun to develop robots with the goal of "shaping their ideas" into reality in the laboratory of Professor Takimoto,

At first, the robot, which was about 50cm long, had been improved, and now it has been reduced to 20cm, so that it can be used conveniently at home.

The students who developed the robot said, "We aim to develop a model to live comfortably with people and to live with people." We will continue our research so that we can commercialize it by adding the function of spreading deodorant to the detected smell as we go around the house. .

On the other hand, they read human expressions, and when the stress detected here is strong, a robot that ejects aroma fragments is also presented. And a Pinocchio robot that uses polygraph detection technology as well.

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