• Woman smoking Hookah
  • Hookah smokers are inhaling toxic chemicals that may harm the heart

  • Mar 09, 2019 09:07 AM EST
  • Smoking tobacco in waterpipes, more commonly known as hookahs, results in inhaling toxic chemicals, often at levels exceeding cigarette smoke, that may harm the heart and blood vessels, according to a new scientific statement published in the American Heart As…
  • Brainmusic (IMAGE)
  • Music captivates listeners and synchronizes their brainwaves

  • Mar 09, 2019 08:32 AM EST
  • Music has the ability to captivate us; when listeners engage with music, they follow its sounds closely, connecting to what they hear in an affective and invested way. But what is it about music that keeps the audience engaged? A study by researchers from The …
  • Speakers tend to say 'uh' before uncommon words (IMAGE)
  • People track when talkers say 'uh' to predict what comes next

  • Mar 07, 2019 08:55 AM EST
  • Spontaneous conversation is riddled with disfluencies such as pauses and 'uhm's: on average people produce 6 disfluencies every 100 words. But disfluencies do not occur randomly. Instead, 'uh' typically occurs before 'hard-to-name' low-frequency words ('uh... …
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