BEAUTY&STYLE Published October9, 2014 By Angela Betsaida Laguipo

Several Factors Can Cause Dark Circles Under The Eyes

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Dark circles under the eyes
(Photo : Dark circles make a person look older

Aging is a common dilemma in women today and methods to battle the appearance of premature signs of aging are being recognized worldwide. Henceforth, the development of anti-aging skin care products is inevitable. However, treating the underlying cause of this skin problem is also important. What causes dark circles?

A person who has dark circles make them look older. In fact, dark circles are the second most common skin problem following acne.

There are five common causes of dark circles. First, is the thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen under the eye area. Collagen is a vibrant ingredient in elasticity of the skin. Therefore, if it will depreciate through time, it can lead to dark circles. The most vulnerable and delicate part of the skin is under our eyes because of its texture and thinness. When there is loss of elasticity and fat, it will turn dark because of the underlying vessels and capillaries there.

Another common cause is stress. When a person is stressed or problematic, blood will be focused on the main organs of the body. Thus, the face will feel a bit drained. It will look paler than most of the body.  It can make the circles more noticeable.

Also, genetics is one factor that affects the appearance of dark circles. Some people are more prone to develop dark circles and having a pale skin makes dark pigmentation more prominent.

Constant exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun is also a cause or factor because the skin which protects the underlying dermis is damaged leading to the veins showing through. It then makes the body to produce melanin, the hormone responsible for dark pigmentation of the skin.

Knowing the causes may help in the treatment and solution of the skin problem. It will make people remove unhealthy habits that may lead to premature skin aging. 

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