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African Mango, Potent Ingredient For Weight Loss

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African Mango
(Photo : It has been discovered to aid in weight loss.

Irvingia gabonensis (IG) or widely known as the African Mango is a famous ingredient for weight loss. It has high soluble fiber content which makes it a very good supplement in order to lose some weight.

Obesity has been one of the most common dilemma Americans face today. In fact, according to reliable statistics, America is second in rank as the country with the most number of obese persons while Mexico is first in rank with 31.8% and 32.8% respectively. With this problem, it has been one of the goals of government agencies especially the health organization to promote healthy living and reduce obesity rates in United States.

There are any weight loss products sold in the market at present. Most of them are available in the online shopping world but the safety of these drugs should be assessed first. Organic and all-natural supplements are safe to use and intake according to the Food and Drug Association of U.S.A. It is important to take note that only approved and certified products should be taken and purchased.

African Mango has proven to be an effective weight loss ingredient based from a study in 2005. This study stated that there are significant differences noted in weight reduction, waist circumference decrease and improved systolic pressure among their respondents after taking in African Mango. Further studies were conducted yielding the same results and they provided information on the wonders of African Mango on weight loss.

Also, they can bind to bile acids in the gut and pull them out of the body. As a result, they can lower the cholesterol levels in the body and also, lower the bad lipids or fats in the body. So, aside from losing body fat, customers can also achieve an overall healthy body. If the body is healthy inside and outside, longevity is assured.

Truly, the discovery of African mango paved way to a better chance of weight reduction among obese and overweight persons. This serves as their chance for a better life, a second chance to become who they want to be, a healthy person.

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