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Did the Energy Drink Cause a Young Man’s Heart Attack?

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Highly Caffeinated Drinks, Five Hour Energy And Monster Energy Cited In 13 Death Reports
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A young man had to be admitted to a hospital after suffering from a heart attack possibly due to drinking energy drinks excessively.

In a news report published in Live Science recently, a case journal talked about a 26-year-old Texan who was brought to emergency after developing symptoms of a heart attack like numbness on his left arm and chest pain.

Based on the journal, the man, aside from being young, also didn't have any known risk factors except that he loved to consume energy drinks and smoke. Prior to his admission, he was believed to have drunk as many as 10 of them. The researchers also assumed that his excessive drinking had already become a habit.

Besides drinking too much energy drinks, he was also a smoker and might have puffed some sticks along with the energy drink.

The case report then believed that the man had suffered from a blood clot in one of the blood vessels. This then blocked the proper flow of blood going to the heart. The vital organ was then forced to pump more blood while having to sustain itself from a very limited blood supply.

The report also mentioned that consumption of energy drinks is a serious "health concern," especially since many young adults such as the Texan man enjoyed consuming them. It cited the high caffeine content and presence of other hardly known substances as some of the reasons for the concern. These drinks have more caffeine than a regular coffee or soft drinks. Moreover, these types of products do not undergo strict regulations.

However, the report also didn't ignore the patient's smoking habits, so it's also possible the heart attack was caused by the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.

A doctor from Montefiore Medical Center in New York who is not part of the study warns the public to take this report with auction since it's only one case, although he also has heard other reports of heart attacks and temporary palpitations linked to energy drinks.  

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