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Bentonite Clay for Cleansing and Healing

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The wonders of bentonite clay go beyond gardening and construction. This unassuming white clay is a tried and tested agent for cleaning and healing and can be used by taking it internally or by applying topically on the skin.

Bentonite clay boasts an extensive history as a medicinal substance, used by various cultures from different parts of the world. This pure clay can be used...

To Boost Immunity

Researchers from Arizona State University have recently found that bentonite clay possesses antimicrobial qualities and is capable of fighting off harmful organisms such as MRSA and E. Coli. This powerful clay effectively boosts immunity by protecting the lining of the gut, shielding it from harm-inducing toxins.

To Treat Skin Problems

Bentonite clay is also a simple yet efficient skin remedy. Combining the clay with water, which forms a paste, and applying on the skin and leaving it to dry allows it to cling on to bacteria and toxins trapped on the surface of the skin. The result is clearer skin with fewer blemishes, reduced inflammation and redness, and even healed minor infections.

To Enhance the Digestive Tact and Stimulate Probiotic Growth

Bentonite clay is capable of neutralizing bacteria and removing impurities, making it a great substance for strengthening and enhancing the digestive tract. Research reveals that this clay can help treat digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic constipation, and pregnancy-associated nausea.

With its capacity to extract dangerous substances from the digestive tract (such as heavy metals, bacteria, and all kinds of toxins), bentonite clay also stimulates the growth of probiotic bacteria. Essential to health, probiotics are key players in increasing and maintaining immunity, promoting sound digestion, and sustaining the healthy absorption of nutrients needed in the body.

Bentonite clay is indeed heaven-sent for health and medicinal purposes. Clay may be off-tangent from the health and medical grids formed in the West, but folk and traditional medicine have long been relying on this powerful clay as a cleansing and healing substance.

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