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Want to Love Running? Get Some Pointers Here

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2013 Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon
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TV presenter Nell McAndrew started out like many of the runners these days: they struggle with the routine. However, 11 years after, she has come up with plenty of tips not only to master it but also to learn to love it.

Here are some of her suggestions. First, just try it. She didn't start running as a habit until she was already in her thirties. She also confessed she wasn't the most athletic in her twenties. Yet she believed that unless one person tries, he will never know if running is something he can do.

It's also important to be mindful of injuries. It's perfectly normal to develop unpleasant dull aches especially around the legs and ankles after running, but if the pain is severe or it reduces the level of activity, it's time to see a doctor as it may already be an injury.

Although one can wear relatively anything comfortable and convenient when running, she advises women to buy a good sports bra that can provide adequate support for the breasts. Based on her experience, breasts can move as much as over 3 inches when running.

For beginners, she highly encourages them to begin at their own pace. There's nothing wrong with setting goals and pushing themselves hard, but running should not feel like a chore. It's more essential for these beginners to feel better and happy after every run even if the distance covered is only short. The chances of them running again are high.

It may also help if a person begins walking for no less than 30 minutes for four days in a week for two weeks to get the legs accustomed to more movement. After that, he can add at least a minute of running for every 4 minutes of walking. This process allows the body to build its stamina and fitness, as well as reduce injuries. She's confident that if a beginner keep up to this pace, he can cover as much as 5 kilometers after 2 months without stopping.  

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