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Harry Styles Gay: Is He Dating Nadine Leopold To Hide His Real Sexuality? Confirms He's Not Leaving 1D!

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Harry Styles during the "On the Road Again Tour" at the Allianz Stadium in Sydney, Australia.
(Photo : Mark Metcalfe | Getty Images Entertainment)

Harry Styles has confirmed that he will not be leaving One Direction, according to Thy Black Man. It was when Styles teamed up with Kodaline, a rock band from Ireland, that rumors about Styles deciding to pursue a solo career in the music industry first surfaced on the Internet.

“He just turned up the show,” said Kodaline’s manager. “He likes our music. We had a bit of free time and, so, we went to the studio and wrote a song. It was good fun. The track could be on his album if he does something, but I don’t know. Nothing is set in stone.”

Styles’s publicist has also released an official statement to address these rumors.

“There are no plans for Harry Styles to release any solo music at this time,” the statement read. “Any writing that he is doing is for potential One Direction songs. It’s common knowledge that the boys write separately and bring to each other for the album.” The other members of 1D have also had experience working with other artists.

Moreover, the British heartthrob is also presently making headlines with regards to his sexual preference. Venture Capital Post is convinced that Styles is only dating his rumored girlfriend, model Nadine Leopold, to hide his bisexuality.

MTV has reported that Styles was seemingly defensive when GQ asked him, point-blank, if he was bisexual. “Bisexual?” he answered. “Me? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’m not.”

Despite this adamant denial, gay and bisexual rumors just never leave him, especially after he was interviewed on “On Demand Entertainment” with fellow One Direction band member, Liam Payne.

The show’s host, Lucy Jones, asked the duo what traits they look for in a lady. “Female – that’s a good trait,” answered Payne. Before Styles answered Jones’s question, however, he responded to Payne’s answer first.

“Not that important,” he said, referring to the female gender. “I would say sense of humor and natural – someone who’s nice. You’re not going to go out with a d******, are you?”

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