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Healthy Food Does Have a Lot of Sugar! Here’s What to Do

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Sugar Fall
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Sugar has become a notorious enemy after numerous studies prove it's the leading cause of obesity and chronic inflammation. An author and oncologist Dr. Gerald Edelman also stresses how its effect tends to mimic that of cancer cells in a new article in CBN.

In fact, he cites that cancer patients who have been diagnosed with high blood sugar or diabetes are more likely to experience recurrence.

While sugar is evident in many sugary products such as sodas and desserts, it may also be lurking in several other food items, though masked by other flavors. That's why the doctor suggests paying more attention to the food you buy.

According to him, a person needs to take time reading nutritional labels. Unlike other components such as sodium, sugar is not listed by percentage but by grams. He therefore recommends staying away from those that contain more than 2 grams of sugar.

It's also essential that consumers scrutinize so-called healthy foods as they may contain more sugar than what's needed by the body. For example, a supposedly healthy oatmeal can still contain over 30 grams of sugar.

Another nutritionist J.J. Virgin agrees with it, saying even those that are marketed as fat free actually contain a lot of sugar. Because of the way these healthy foods have been marketed, it becomes more difficult for someone to lose the unwanted weight.

He further says that it may even be better to eat a low-fat diet since fat can provide satiety, thereby reducing the possibility of eating again only after a few hours. She makes herself as an example on fat's effectiveness to promote weight loss. By maintaining a diet with at least 40% fat, she acquired better skin and developed a happier mood. She also lost a considerable amount of weight.

Don't think she eats all types of fat, however. She obtains it from whole food sources like nut butters and grass-fed beef.  

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