BEAUTY&STYLE Published October14, 2014 By Angela Betsaida Laguipo

Pregnant Women Most Prone To Stretch Marks, Causes Revealed

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Stretch Marks
(Photo : There are many causes of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are considered a problem among both men and women. According to Virtual Medical Centre,  it actually occurs for about 50% to 90% in pregnant women, 70% of adolescent women and 40% adolescent males.

According to Gracechem Pharmacies, the main cause of stretch marks can be rooted to genetics. Some studies say that certain people are prone to developing stretch marks. People most affected are pregnant women, obese individuals, habitual dieters and body builders who inject steroids. Hence, the cause can be boiled down to weight change especially those of drastic by nature. The skin is supposed to cope with the variations in body size but due to overstretching, stretch marks appear.

The most common reason for the emergence of stretch marks is pregnancy. Most pregnant women develop them especially in their third trimester. The reason behind this is there is overstretching of the skin especially in the abdominal area and excessive production of hormones.

Furthermore, a reason is weight gain in which the skin is stretched. For adolescents like for teen girls and boys, sudden growth spurts especially in women who develop bigger hips and breasts, striae will appear. For body builders, when they use steroids, their muscles becomes larger that can overstretch the skin.

Furthermore, according to the studies, medicines can be a culprit for stretch marks. The use of corticosteroid creams contributes to the formation of stretch marks. Also, certain diseases especially in the endocrine system such as Cushing's syndrome, adrenal gland illnesses, Marfansyndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can cause stretch marks.

However, there is no exact cure for stretch marks. Prevention is better than the cure itself. Moisturizing the skin and making sure its hydrated is good enough for it to withstand overstretching. There are many creams and balms to moisturize the skin. Furthermore, keeping the body hydrated by drinking ample amounts of water per day is advised.

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