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The Best Weight Loss Option May Be in the Necklace

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It is not easy trying to lose weight. That is why this necklace may be what you are looking for.

University of California Los Angeles engineers have just developed a fitness necklace called WearSens. It is a very innovative device that saves you the hassle of monitoring intake every time you eat or drink by doing that on your behalf.

The necklace is considered as a food diary that you can now wear around the neck. It is equipped with special sensors placed near the sternum that are very sensitive to the movement of your neck's muscles and skin every time you chew and down food and drinks.

Depending on how much food you have eaten, the necklace then notifies you if you have been eating too much or already close to your target eating goal via your smart phone (it has its own app). The notification can also include pointers like the benefits of not skipping meals. It will also signal if you have not been drinking enough for the day. Best of all, you can track your food and drink intake in real time.

The necklace is expected to be worn loosely around the neck, like a choker, so it can as accurately as possible sense every time you are eating. It has been designed to determine what types of food you are eating, such as whether it is hard or soft. It can also detect whether the beverage is cold or not.

So it can properly measure calories, you need to provide specific information such as your current weight, height, and gender. These things have some effect on your ideal weight. You also have to indicate your weight goal. Based on the data, the necklace can already calibrate itself to your best calorie goal per day.

As for its accuracy, the device has the ability to measure calorie intake accurately by as high as 90%. The team has conducted a trial participated by 30 volunteers who drank at least 12 ounces of beverage and a Subway sandwich of about 3 inches.  

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