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Paleo Diet Dubbed As The Only Diet Compatible To Human Genes

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The Paleo diet is now dubbed as the only diet compatible to the human body. It tries to replicate the diet of cavemen in ancient Paleolithic era hence the name, Paleo diet. The people in those times lived through hunting and gathering of food and depended on lean proteins such as fish, poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables.  

The Paleo diet is seen to trace back to genetics as the main concept of its science. They said that our genes are programmed to work more optimally if we consume the food our ancestors ate.

In fact, in a study by George Perry regarding diet and the evolution of man, he has studied two different groups. One group wasa civilization who consumes low starch diet and the other one ate high starch diets. It turns out that the variations in AMY 1 number is influenced by natural selection.

When there is an increased number of amylase in the saliva, the food or starch is readily broken and hence it aids in digestion. Hence, low starch diets are recommended because the body is designed to consume what the Paleolithic humans ate 2.5 million years ago than what the modern world offer now: processed foods, refined grains and food additives.

Furthermore, it was claimed that homosapiens are designed because of evolution to consume the diet our ancestors during the prehistoric times. Our bodies are actually programmed to be fit to the diet they once ate like more of meat and vegetables or fruits. The hunter-gatherer diet does not include many of the food we eat today including grains and wheat.

Consequently, the human genes did not have a big change since the time of our ancestors. According to leading Paleolithic researchers S. Boyd Eaton, MD, and M. Konner, PhD, the genetic constitution of humans changed little in the past 400,000 years. Meaning, the genes we have were the ones our ancestors in the past contained too.

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