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How Often Should You Step Away from Your Desk?

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More studies prove that you increase your risk of dying just by sitting for hours. Thus, the way to reduce it is to do the opposite: stand and move.

But how often should you do this in a day?

It turns out that to decrease the chance of obesity and improve your physical and mental health, you need to move at least every hour.

An article recently published in Telegraph UK cites the results of a new study about sedentary lifestyle, including sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time.

According to the poll performed by British Health Foundation among 2,000 employees, almost 40% of men and more than 43% of women dedicate less than an hour of their waking time to moving or standing. In fact, many preferred to sit even if they needed to go to the bathroom.

The challenge of beating the sedentary lifestyle is also felt in industries that are considered to be more dynamic or active such as factories. A long time ago, a bulk of the work is performed manually. Now, with the advent of technology, many workers can do their jobs by simply operating or modifying the settings in a console while they're sitting.

Get Britain Standing, founded by Gavin Bradley, then provides some guidelines to make employees move. First, it's important that a person does something other than sitting every hour. Moreover, these activities don't have to be grand. Simple and small changes can already do wonders for the body. These include exchanging a ride in the elevator with a climb on the stairs. It also helps if a person stays away from the desk when eating lunch, opting for a great full meal outside or even in the cafeteria. There are also simple exercises that may be carried out on the desks.

A previous study suggests that prolonged sitting is so bad no amount of exercise can offset its negative impact to a person's health. 

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