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23 Percent of UK Parents Think Potato Crisps Are Healthy

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Some people still struggle trying to differentiate a fruit from a vegetable. Case in point: a number still believe that tomato is a veggie.

In the UK, at least 23% of the parents believe that potato crisps are still vegetables and that they may still be great for the body to take. But then again, study suggests such assumption is completely wrong.

A survey conducted by Fruit Heroes among a thousand UK moms and dads reveals plenty of very interesting points, including how they think about potato crisps and mashed potatoes.

In the poll, they identify their top three considerations in selecting food for their children, which are no added sugar, no artificial ingredients, and appropriateness to 5-a-day guidance. Five a day refers to a dietary program in which children should be able to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

The survey further asked about their actual choices, considering the factors they used in choosing food for children. While 74% of the respondents say they pick fruits, at least 47% consider yogurt as good food. But one of the biggest surprises is the fact that as many as 38% count crisps as a possible snack item for kids, 23% consider potato chips as healthy, and about 14% think mashed potatoes count to 5 a day.

Moreover, around 11% think that it's okay to substitute real fruits and vegetables with vitamin supplements.

The results of the survey, however, can be somehow explained. Using the same data, the researchers discovered many parents do get confused with the labels of products, including how to interpret the percentages of GDA. There's also a chance that they grow up believing these unhealthy types of food are good for the body.

Nevertheless, the UK health services may have a more pressing issue as far as a good diet for children is concerned. The same survey points out that at least 10% of the parents count the fruits as unhealthy.

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