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Saunas Better at Detoxification than Juice Cleanses, Says Experts

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Research has confirmed that the moment a baby is born, he or she is already exposed to a myriad of chemicals and toxins. This is proven by the pesticides, coal and gasoline wastes, and garbage found in the umbilical cord.

This finding highlights that doing "everything right", such as eating organic or cutting down on toxic household cleaning materials, may not fully eliminate toxins and chemicals that are naturally pervasive and lingering.

Researchers Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith, who published the book "Slow Death by rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects our Health" in 2009, has compiled a set of helpful ideas and lifestyle tips that can help significantly reduce, if not fully, eliminate, toxic exposure and consumption.

These are products of decades-long research and self-designed experiments, which are all published in their new book, "Toxic Toxout: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World".

One of the essential tips given by Lourie and Smith is that adjusting everyday habits is far more ideal than going through a cleanse. Many people seem to be caught up by the juicing trends cropping up, but the two scientists stress that one of the easiest ways to rid oneself of toxins is to drink more water. Eating less animal fat and more vegetables and fruits (preferably organic) also helps lessen toxic buildup in the body.

Meanwhile, drinking juices may be healthy, but undergoing a straight 4-day juice cleanse may not. Smith, who holds a PhD in Biology, stresses that the body does not work in a way wherein four days out of a year will eliminate all the toxins out of your system in one giant sweep. Incorporating fruits, vegetables, and water into one's daily diet is a far better and healthier option, Smith said.

In fact, using saunas is far more preferable, adds Lourie. The heat in a sauna promotes intense sweating, and sweating is good for the body. Sweating lets you drink more water and also eliminates toxins effectively, Lourie points out.

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