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Dry Skin Brushing Strengthens Immunity, Detoxifies, and Reverses Aging

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Brushing the skin has been known to firm up cellulite, smoothing lumpy skin areas. Not a lot of people know that removing cellulite is not only for aesthetic purposes; it also has amazing health benefits. A regular routine of dry skin brushing is recommended by experts.

How does dry skin brushing benefit the health? As the accumulation of cellulite is linked with fatty toxic build, brushing the skin dissolves these toxic cellulite formations, allowing the body to excrete such wastes through eliminatory channels.

Aside from detoxification, dry skin brushing also helps increase blood flow, tightens up sagging parts of the skin, and improves muscle tone. As brushing stimulates the skin, natural hydrating oils are activated and produced, moisturizing the skin and enhancing healthy dermal surface. Brushing the skin also helps in proper digestion and kidney function.

With dry brushing's numerous benefits and apparent convenience (all you need is a brush) experts advise doing it at least once a day. Each session can last around 2 to 2- minutes, ideally before your morning shower. Though not frowned upon, brushing at night may be too stimulating and may prevent sound sleep.

As for the brushing method, the routine should start at the feet and move up to the legs, brushing toward the heart. Long, sweeping strokes are recommended instead of scrubbing or back and forth motions. Avoid brushing too vigorously and irritating the skin. Counterclockwise brush strokes are recommended on the stomach area to go with the natural direction of the processes happening in that area.

Delicate areas such as the face should be avoided. Again it is important to note that the skin and the brush should both remain dry throughout the entire session.

The best brush type for dry brushing is one that has natural and stiff bristles and a long attachable handle. Brushes with synthetic bristles are not advisable as they can damage the skin.

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