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‘Black Desert’ Online Release Date For PS4 Planned For 2016; Plot, Gameplay And Other Available Details Revealed So Far

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“Black Desert”
(Photo : Screencap, Official Black Desert Site )

Another Korean game is coming next year and it is no other than Pearl Abyss' "Black Desert"!

MMORPG "Black Desert" has been in development for ages and it has only been recently that updates have surfaced online, including a release date set for 2016. Gameplay, plot and character details have also been made available.

The latest news on the MMORPG "Black Desert" created by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss has been on release date. According to the official fansite, Western release of "Black Desert" is scheduled in 2016, but no specific date has been revealed yet.

"Black Desert" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has been initially released to Microsoft Windows, and with its success, has driven developers to take the next version to Sony for the PlayStation 4 console. It was in 2013 that Pearl Abyss announced a PS4 version to be in development, and recently they announced a 2016 release date for PS4.

"'Black Desert' is a huge sandbox-oriented MMORPG that provides a variety of unique experiences, including strategy oriented action such as castle sieges and complex battle, and also sophisticated simulation content such as trading, NPC-hiring, and real-estate management," described in the official site.

"Black Desert" currently has four classes composed of Warriors, Rangers, Sorceresses and Predators. However, other classes are currently in development, hopefully will come by the PS4 version on its 2016 release date. Other classes include Archers, Bladers, Valkyries, Wizards and Tamers.

Gameplay system of "Black Desert" "features an action combat system," according to the developer, Pearl Abyss. "All classes are able to ride mounts and use their weapons while riding. Mounted combat is not only for hunting, but also for PvP and castle siege."

Basically, gameplay plot of "Black Desert" revolves around two feuding nations, the Kingdom of Valencia and the Republic of Calpheon. Parkour, like the movement in "Prince of Persia" is also used in gameplay, as well as large-scale events like typhoons occur in "Black Desert."

"Black Desert" release date for PS4 has been set on a vague 2016. 

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