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British Employees Eat the Same Thing Every Lunch. Find Out Their Favorite

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A Sandwich Of Interest
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While one can never count the number of varied restaurants in Britain, the eating lifestyle of employees is incredibly different: many prefer to eat the same lunch every day.

Britain has been considered as a gastronomic hub, from its classic fish and chips to Asian, European, and American cuisines brought by immigrants and large international brands.

However, employees prefer to eat a comfort food when they're at work. We're talking about the cheese sandwich.

In a recent study conducted by Lurpak, at least 32% of Briton employees prefer to eat the same thing each day, and they have been doing so for around 4.5 years.

Topping the list of the favorites is the cheese sandwich. The list is then followed by two more sandwiches, namely, ham and chicken. In the fourth place is a salad while other types of sandwiches fall in fifth place.

Taking the sixth spot is potato soup while seventh is any type of pasta. In the eighth place is another soup, vegetables soup, and a wrap in the ninth. The tenth place is any microwaveable meal. The least favorites are jacket potato, noodle including stir-fry, and prawn sandwich.

The survey among over 1,500 members of the workforce cited that the lack of diversity and the preference for comfort food can be attributed to two things: routine and convenience. Although many believe that employees spend at least an hour for lunch, in reality, only 35 minutes average is dedicated to lunch break. Moreover, many employees prefer to eat in the pantry or their desk, which means they need to eat something they can consume quickly and clean easily.

It may then sound as if lunch is another chore every employee needs to do, it's actually one of the highlights of their day, perhaps their much-needed break, especially if the mornings turn out to be monotonous. 

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