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Good Posture Equals A Better Day

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Your mother was right- sitting up straight is good for you, and not just aesthetically or even physically, but psychologically as well. Recent research has found that having a good posture can make your day a whole lot better, what with the hidden benefits straightening up the back can do.

One of the main benefits of a good posture is that it lifts self-confidence dramatically. Studies have found that proper posture instantly provides a self-esteem boost, believing in our own strengths and assets. Meanwhile, slouching and not sitting or standing up straight can unconsciously give the wrong message, not only to others but to ourselves.

Good posture has the power to make your day better as it gives an energy boost. Doing a little stretch and adjustment to the posture provides a stamina boost, and this is particularly helpful during mid-afternoon coffee breaks when the "slump" is felt after a series of coffee cups. Research published in the journal Biofeedback suggests that sitting or standing straight can eliminate decreased energy and depressed feelings that go with poor posture.

Exercising good posture helps in proper breathing as well. Slouching usually inhibits prime air flow, making it harder to breathe than normal. In contrast, sitting or standing straight increases one's oxygen intake by more or less 30 percent. This is because the chest cavity is opened, allowing more oxygen to enter the body and the brain. More oxygen means more energy, as well as better breathing.

Productivity is key to a good day, and a good posture also plays along these lines. Sitting or standing tall can do wonders to productivity. As the body expands and broadens with good posture, signals are sent to the brain, with a message saying that you are in a position of power. These messages sent to the brain naturally increases testosterone and paves the way for productivity.

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