BEAUTY&STYLE Published October23, 2014 By Scott M.

Who Would Have Thought Eyebrows Are a Strong Indicator of Our Aging Process

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Eyebrows thin out as we age but we can do lots of cosmetic tricks to make them fuller looking
(Photo : Wiki Commons) Eyebrows are not paid attention to as an aging sign as much as other factors

Who would have ever thought that thinning eyebrows are one of the very first-and most easily quantifiable-visible signs of aging? An article in WebMD pointed out the various changes that occur in eyebrows that are indicative of the aging process.

When it comes to your own eyebrows, you're probably not all that concerned - yet. And if they have thinned out over the years, you've no doubt noticed-what you likely have not done is attribute how old you look to their dwindling volume. If you're like most, you instead chalk up your aging appearance to those dreaded crow's feet, and in turn spend tons of money and time in pursuit of a miracle cure that will turn back the clock on your complexion.

The reality is, it's going to take some time and dedication to see an improvement in things like your wrinkles and lines-and even then, they won't just "disappear," said the WebMD article.

 On the other hand, voluptuous, well-shaped brows make an immediate difference in your perceived age. If such a thing as an anti-aging miracle exists, it's a brow makeover.

So, plump up those brows, kids. You'll look and feel much younger, if such things really do matter to you.

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