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Essential Oils: Uses And Modes Of Application

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Essential Oils
(Photo : Naomi King/ There are many types of essential oils.

Essential oil or volatile oil which is a liquid derived through distillation by steam or water from parts of plants such as leaves, stem, flowers or roots. These oils are not oil-looking or feeling in texture but it contains the essence of the plants. Furthermore, essential oil is far different from perfume oil because they are fresh and naturally extracted from plants and trees while perfume oils are synthetically and chemically made.

These oils are powerfully fragrant because they carry the true essence of the plant it came from especially if it was extracted from flowers. This compound is non-water-based phytochemicals comprising of a volatile compound. It is immediately absorbed by the skin when used topically or through massage.

Throughout history, essential oils are used not only as a perfume component or a fragrant compound but also it was proved to be potent as a therapeutic and medicinal compound.  Distillation and evaporation are the processes wherein essential oils are extracted from the plant source.

The good thing about essential oils is the amount of versatility and ease of use it requires. When blended, it can be used in many modes of applications. Below is a summary of the ways essential oils can be used.

The best way to enjoy aromatherapy is through massage. Essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin. This is because aside from getting the benefits of the essential oil used, you also acquire relaxation because of the massage. Massage is thought to stimulate the body and the organs in it. At the same time, it stimulates blood circulation to promote excretion of wastes and distribution of nutrients to the cells of the body.

Essential oils can be added to a warm bath. A soothing warm bath is essential if you had a very long day and you want to relax. Oils like chamomile, lavender and sage can promote relaxation. However, when using essential oils in a bath tub, be certain that you don't go beyond eight drops.

Foot bath can be done after a long stressful day. It is great after a strenuous activity or prolonged standing. Essential oils are good for soreness and pain relief.  Just add a few drops of essential oils in a basin with warm water and immerse your feet. This will help you relax and rest your feet.

For emergency situations like an asthma attack, use a handkerchief or towel with drops of essential oils and inhale it. It can lead to a patent airway reducing risks for difficulty of breathing.

Today, every household have their own vaporizer to promote a fragrant atmosphere. Some use it to remove cooking odor in the kitchen. Others use it to create a relaxing feel in the house. Furthermore, because of the innate antiseptic properties of these volatile oils, it can kill airborne germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses.

Lastly, cosmetic and beauty products today are empowered by essential oils not just to add fragrance but also incorporate their therapeutic effects. Essential oils can be incorporated to base creams and lotions. However, the facial skin is more sensitive than the other parts of the body so it is better to make sure the oils are not too empowering.

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