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Snail Slime Now a Coveted Skin Solution

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Helix aspersa
(Photo : Helix aspersa (Wikipedia))

According to historians, the skin care benefits of snail slime is not really a modern discovery that one can commend advanced technology for. The use use of the slime secreted by snails date back to ancient Greece to the Middle Ages. 

Snail slime was an ingredient in medications that are formulated to cure cough and even gastric ulcers. A little later, the Chileans have discovered that the soothing and healing benefits of snail slime can be applied topically as well after they have discovered that touching the slime gave their hands a smoother and softer feel. 

Just so recently, the Koreans introduced a facial treatment that involved allowing a special type of cultured snail crawl about one's face. In fact, more and more cosmetic products have been incorporating such into their formulation. 

This is after several studies have actually solidified the ancient claims that attribute beautiful skin to the secretion of the snails. 

It has been found that snail slime, especially that from the Helix aspersa (common garden snail) is high in protein, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. 

Protein paired with hyaluronic acid make a very effective combination for skin restoration and rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid which gives the secretion its slimy consistence is also present in the human skin. It is the component which stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin in the process of repair from cuts. 

The antioxidant content of snail slime is also believed to be effective in slowing the aging process of the skin. Antioxidants fight off free radicals in the skin cells which cause premature skin aging.

While snail slime has a gooey consistency, most of the products where the secretion is an ingredient packs lightly and easily when applied on the skin. Then again, those who are yet to try using any of these products are strongly advise not to skip their skin test to make sure no allergic reactions will ensue.  

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