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AirPod, A Car That Runs On Air Has 3 Wheels And Steering Joystick; Air-Powered Vehicles Now For Sale In U.S.

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Guy Negre head of MDI (Motor development
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With concern about pollution and global warming reaching massive proportions, car makers are looking for alternative fuels.

While hybrids and electronic automobiles have made strides in the industry, the Airpod, a car that runs on air shows much promise for the future. Zero Pollution Motors, LLC is slated to manufacture the Airpod in the U.S.

Alternative fuels show promising demand for the future as fossil fuels get more expensive and contribute to air pollution and smog in major cities like Shanghai and Paris. Air-fueled vehicles like the Airpod make the automobiles more affordable and safer, since it addresses a major enviornmental concern - pollution.

Airpod, a car that runs on air is an eco-friendly automobile with three wheels and uses compressed air as fuel. The air tanks inside the car are made of carbon fiber, allowing for compressed air to push air out in order to avoid explosions, 2Paragraphs reported.

Filling up the Airpod is unlike filling your car's gas tank. It is more like filling air in your tire, an easy-to-do task. However, it also takes about the same amount of time as it takes to fill your gas tank.

The AirPod is also unique in other ways too. A joystick substitutes for a steering wheel, giving the air-driven vehicle the same amount of control as a video game console.

 Zero Pollution Motors is the U.S. licensee with exclusive rights to manufacture the Airpod. The Airpod fueled by compressed air has a retail price of $10,000.

According to Zero Pollution Motors, "the AIRPod vehicle, developed by MDI, is the solution to urban pollution and urban mobility. With its small size, a tiny price, zero pollution, and a fun and futuristic design, AIRPod marks a turning point in the range of urban vehicles. It is a real breath of fresh air in cities and the prelude to travel without pollution."

Luxembourg-based MDI, is the developer of the Airpod Car. It is a compression-based alternative to the traditional internal combustion engine and MDI is betting that air will replace fossil fuels that contribute to detrimental environmental changes.

"ZPM has attained rights to build the first of several modular plants in the United States to produce the air-powered vehicles branded 'AIRPod'. Hawaii is the anticipated location of the first production plant," said zeropollutionmotors.

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