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Nigella Lawson's ABC Cooking Show 'The Taste' Cancelled: UK Series 'Simply Nigella' To Air Later This Year

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Nigella Lawson's ABC Cooking Show, "The Taste" has been taken off the air after a slump in ratings.

Lawson's U.S. show which began in 2013 saw its ratings take a dive after its release on the ABC Network. The sexy British celebrity chef who became popular on Travel and Living's cooking show was axed after two seasons on the U.S. network.

"The Taste," a TV series resembling a cooking competition took a dramatic ratings slump after losing more than half of its viewers, from 7 million to 3 million viewers by January 2015. In a similar move, the UK version of the "The Taste" was removed from British networks after unveiling for just one series.

Deadline, an industry watcher had said in the beginning of the year that "The Taste" would have trouble in the future with ABC's programming.

Along with Lawson, recently voted the "sexiest celebrity chef," her cooking show included " Anthony Bourdain, Ludo Lefebvre and Marcus Samuelsson. The show saw cooks trying to impress the experts with spoonfuls of food," BBC reported.

However, UK network Channel 4 decided to take the British version of "The Taste" off the air.

"Lawson's UK TV cookery career remains intact however - BBC Two recently confirmed she would return for new series Simply Nigella later this year, her first on the channel since 2012's Nigellissima," the report continued to say.

"Simply Nigella" is expected to unveil in the fall.

A report by eveshamjournal.co.uk said Nigella's "The Taste" would be replaced by an epic Biblical drama, "Of Kings And Prophets," which stars a fellow Brit, Ray Winstone.

The popular TV personality and gourmet food writer got her first break in 1999 in "Nigella Bites," after a series of cookbooks and newspaper columns that brought her recognition.

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