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The Health and Wellness Benefits of Yoga

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Ever since yoga was gradually introduced to the mainstream, health and wellness was never the same again. The practice, which originated in India, has been around for centuries and has inspired millions of people around the world to pick up their mats and start a healthier route.

After all, yoga offers such a wide array of benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. And these are not just claims or anecdotes, though personal experience counts as equally valid nonetheless. Meanwhile, countless research and analyses have empirically proven how yoga has affected the health and the lives of so many people across all the continents.

Yoga covers everything from weight loss to mindfulness, and promotes the belief that how we think influences our body mechanisms, and vice versa.

The practice of yoga naturally builds strength. Unlike other physical activities that focus on either one particular body part (for example, abs) or a clear yet overly-specific objective (such as "lose 5 pounds in 10 days"), yoga is more than just aiming for physical "perfection". In fact, the beauty of yoga lies in its capacity to build a strong core, not just literally with the abdomen area, but throughout the entire body.

It is impossible to be fit if the approach is not holistic, and thankfully, yoga is by nature holistic. As you build strong arms, you also build strong legs and better posture, and many more. Plus, yoga is practically no-cost, unless you take classes or hire a personal trainer. Other than that, yoga is available for everyone and can be done at home, even without a mat (though a non-slip mat is of course more advisable).

The practice of yoga also helps provide concentration, focus, and better emotional management. This is a result of gaining deep awareness as you go through each pose, being conscious of how your body reacts to each gesture. This translates to one's psychology, and helps a person be more in touch with his or her thoughts and emotions in everyday life.

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