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The Human Brain is Wired to Pick Less Healthy Food Choices, says Study

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Your unexplained preference to empty calorie packed food items are determined by your brain rather than your need to pump nutrients into your system. 

A group of investigators from the McHill University in Montreal, Canada has uncovered the explanation why people lean towards high calorie foods with less nutrients over healthier food choices.

According to the study's head researcher, through experience, the brain analyses the caloric content of every food item you eat. The experience you have gained by ingesting that said food item stays in your brain. However, the food's taste, smell and even cost are not the only memories tied to the experience. 

Your brain also keeps a log of how much calories, what nutrients and how much of the present nutrients that particular food item has. According to the study, craving for a particular food is really your brain and your body telling you that you have a deficit of a nutrient or a mineral found in that food. 

The study suggests that the brain keeps a more accurate log of nutrition facts of every single food item you have had in the past. 

With this study, the world and the health community has gained a better understanding of the factors that form a person's diet and overall attitude toward food. In the same effect, the study has provided a better understanding of weight management and even of obesity. 

Whether you are trying to maintain your weight or whether you are trying to shed excess pounds or even if you are trying to bulk up, giving your brain more choices to pick from in order to compensate for any deficit in minerals or nutrients will be very effective. Why? Simply because you will not be restricted to your usual food choices that are less healthy or that are packed with empty calories. 

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