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‘Digimon Adventure Tri’ Release Date Confirmed For November! ‘Reunion’ First Of Six Short Films By Toei Animation?

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Digimon Adventure Tri
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The "Digimon Adventure Tri" release date has finally been confirmed in the film's official website.

Toei Animation's 2015 action-adventure anime movie will be aired on Nov. 21. It was previously reported that the "Digimon Adventure Tri" release date is set for April. Shueisha's V-Jump magazine has published the character designs for Yamato Ishida and Gabumon, while Taichi/Tai and Agumon's character designs have been previously unveiled by the magazine last March.

Atsuya Uki created the character designs while Yuuko Kakihara will act as series script supervisor and Keitaro Motonaga will direct the series. "Digimon Adventure Tri" serves to commemorate the 15 year anniversary of the franchise. The first poster for Toei's newest series features the original cast of characters with their fellow Digimon companions.

Voice actors announced are: Chika Sakamoto for Agumon, Mayumi Yamaguchi for Gabumon, Katori Shigematsu for Piyomon, Junko Takeuchi for Gomamon, Kinoko Yamada for Palmon, Miwa Matsumoto for Patamon, Takahiro Sakurai for Tentomon and Yuka Tokumitsu for Tailmon/Gatomon.

Instead of a full-length feature movie, "Digimon Adventure Tri" will be made into a six-part theatrical series and the first short-film is entitled "Reunion." It is set 15 years after the events of the original series.

Kpopstarz reported that "Reunion" may focus on the meeting between Tai and Agumon. The speculation first surfaced on Reddit, in a translation from Japanese forum Logsuku.

"A mysterious Digimon materializes before Taichi, who has become a high school student, and steals his Digivice," the post read. "A voice is heard in front of Taichi, who is perplexed after losing Agumon from sight. The adventure once again evolves."

Furthermore, the latest visual, which was posted along with the "Digimon Adventure Tri" release date announcement, showed a teenage Tai with Agumon. This seems to suggest that the film will focus on their reunion instead of the entire Digi-destined. The movie will have a longer format than a half-hour episode of anime.

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