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5 Healthy Hair Hacks for Fall and Winter

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Woman in Winter
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While the cold of fall and winter is a great excuse to dress-up, the same can take a toll on how your hair looks and feels. Chemical-based treatments and fixes may offer a promise but assaulting your hair with all these substances can make it lifeless, unhealthy and brittle. 

Luckily, there are healthy hair hacks that will give your hair volume, strength and life even through the deadliest cold of fall and winter. Here they are: 

Make your own moisturizing hair mask

Your scalp is more likely to get dry and flaky during the cold months. Be sure to to feed your hair and scalp nutrients and moisture to maintain life and strength through out the season. May and lemon hair mask would be a great DIY hair mask that works for all hair types. 

Let your vitamin E go a long way

Vitamin E has long been known to give loads of benefit for your hair and skin. You can maximize the benefits of a capsule of vitamin E for your hair by dabbing a small amount on the tips of your hair before going out. This not only gives the much-coveted moisture your hair needs but also it seals and protects your hair's most delicate portion - the ends.   

Choose fabrics that get in contact with your hair

Static from the contact between your hair and your hat or beanie will leave you with the unsightly "hat hair". As much as you can pick a satin scarf to protect your do whenever you go out. Be sure to use satin pillow cases during the cold months too. 

Keep a schedule of your appointments

By intently keeping an eye on your appointments, you can schedule your hair washes to fall during the days when you need your hair to be in its best and freshest. Remember excessive washing, especially that you'll use warmer water during these seasons, can cause hair damage. 

Regulate coffee intake 

A study conducted by German researchers in the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at Freidrich-Schiller University in Jena has established that caffeine has a stimulating effect in hair follicles that prevents hair loss. This means chugging down your favorite brew gives your hair volume in the long run. 

Keep these hacks in mind and dread the odd effects of the cold to your hair no more. 

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