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Mediterranean Diet Is Great for the Uterus Too

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Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet
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It seems like the Mediterranean diet is living up to its title as the healthiest diet in the world. In a brand-new research, it has been revealed that not only does it reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, it also decrease the likelihood of uterine cancer.

Milan's Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche's Cristina Bosetti discussed about how the famous healthy diet can also significantly decrease the risk of uterine cancer in a study that has recently been published in British Journal of Cancer.

For the study, Bosetti and her team surveyed at least 5,000 women in Italy, where the diet is very common. Using a 9-component checklist, they were able to determine which of the women adhered as close to the diet as possible.

They then discovered that the more the women ate the traditional Mediterranean diet, the less likely they are going to have uterine cancer. For instance, women who matched to 7 out of the 9 components of the diet have a decreased risk of more than 55%. Those who followed 5 have a reduced chance of having uterine cancer by 34%.

On the other hand, women who were found to have followed less than 5 of the components still have reduced risk, but it is not considered as significant as the others.

The study did not analyze the cause and effect between the two variables. But in the end, Bosetti concluded that the study is just one of the proofs of how a diet can contribute to the chances of having cancer-or not.

The Mediterranean diet is considered as the healthiest diet in the world since food is more focused on fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and fish. Although it does not remove meat, it says that it should be consumed sparingly. Because of its principles, studies have shown it helps prevent cardiovascular disease. 

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