DIET&FITNESS Published June2, 2015 By Milafel Hope Dacanay

Thinking about Weight Loss? You Might Want to Become Pregnant

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Almost everyone seems to be on a diet or on the road to weight loss and fitness. But if you're doing more of it, then most likely your body is preparing you to be pregnant.

That's the interesting conclusion we can glean in one of the newest studies about female reproduction. Based on their research from Southern Methodist University, women tend to exhibit certain behaviors when they are ovulating, a period when the chances of conceiving are very high. These include trying to cut back on calories, go on a diet, or exercise more often-all for making themselves feel attractive to the opposite sex.

Moreover, women are more likely to dress seductively and become more aware of the presence of the opposite sex.

To come up with these findings, the researchers tapped on 22 young adults who then answered questions pertaining to their ovulation cycle. They were also queried about how much weight loss they'd like to experience in every highs and lows of their ovulation. The answers revealed that women tend to want to lose more during high.

Another experiment was performed, this time including women who were taking contraceptive pills. These medications are usually taken to regulate the hormones and control the ovulation cycle.

Upon comparing results, women who were on the pill tend to be more consistent about feeling happy about their weight compared to those who weren't taking any. It should be known, however, that some of these pills can also cause weight fluctuation.

The last experiment among married women showed, though, that while hormones can play a huge role in the changing of moods and behaviors especially among women, culture and society's definition of attractiveness can also contribute to women's apparent need to lose weight and look fit.

Among married women, those who are already conscious about they look more likely to engage in calorie counting, particularly when they're fertile.  

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