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Man Suffers Burns after Making Margaritas

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Now that the peak of summer is just around the corner, nothing spells bliss than having friends around and sipping some chilled margaritas. But while you're at it, make sure that you have your sunscreen ready. You don't want to catch "lime disease."

That may look like a misspelled term, but it's actually how doctors call a rare but dangerous skin reaction called phytophotodermatitis. It occurs when the acidic juice of a fruit such a lime comes into contact with the skin, which is then exposed to direct sunlight. The outcome is a very serious sunburn comparable to second- or even third-degree burns.

This is what exactly happened to Aaron Peers from Florida. Together with Alyse Golden, his fiancée, he was one of the many people who were preparing their yard for Memorial Day. He was preparing margaritas when the juice started dripping onto his skin.

It didn't take quite long before his skin developed effects of sunburn. Within a day or two, he was already in the emergency room as the sunburn led to very painful blisters, which left his skin raw, discolored, and pink.

The doctors eventually confirmed the reaction, also saying that it's actually a common occurrence than previously thought. Moreover, the blisters develop as the combination of sunlight and citric juice can be toxic for the skin.

The disease, however, isn't just confined to fruit but also to vegetable juices.  

Despite what happened, the couple remains optimistic. They are still pushing through with their destination wedding in Hawaii while making sure they have sunblock and medications since Peers has been advised to avoid the sun as much as possible. He's also not worried about his "pink hands" come wedding day, as they can be easily edited in the final photos.

The only thing that worries him now is the ring as the last time he's checked, it hardly fits. 

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