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Live-Action 'Beauty And the Beast' Updates Reveal New Songs! More Singing For Cast Emma Watson?

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New Songs for Emma Watson's "Beauty and the Beast" Live-Action Film
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"Beauty and the Beast" is among the much-awaited live-action adaptation coming to theaters and fans are waiting for more updates! After the first-look photos have been revealed, come news about new songs in the movie. Does this mean star Emma Watson gets to sing more?

Alan Menken, the famous Disney composer, shared updates about the upcoming live-action movie "Beauty and the Beast." In a recent interview in the series of "Artist to Artist" held at Lincoln Center in New York, the 65-year-old composer announced that there will be new songs for the film. According to Stitch Kingdom, Menken and Tim Rice are creating new songs for the "Beauty and the Beast" remake.

According to the update by Menken, these songs currently in the works for "Beauty and the Beast" are titled "Forever More" and "Days in the Sun." Fans now wonder if these songs will be sung by lead star Emma Watson, who will portray the loving Belle.

The report revealed, however, that "Forever More" will be sung by Beast who will be portrayed by Dan Stevens, as he finally understands the meaning of love and how to love. "Days in the Sun" will be sung by all the servants in the palace that will be about the servants reminiscing of the happier days when they were still humans before being turned into objects.

Aside from these additional songs, songs from the 1991 animated film will still be included. This means that crowd-favorite and scene-opener song "Belle" will be a much-awaited treat for Emma Watson fans worldwide.  

However, Menken also shared that the song "If I Can't Love Her" from the Broadway production will not be included in this live-action "Beauty in the Beast" slated for a 2017 release date. As much as he would have liked to include the song, he claimed that it would not go well with the upcoming remake.

This news has fans disappointed as the song "If I Can't Love Her" also seem to be among the crowd favorite. Its exclusion from the Emma Watson-led "Beauty and the Beast" simply raised questions as to how many new songs are coming from the teamwork of Tim Rice and Alan Menken.

With the new songs on the way, stars of the live-action film "Beauty and the Beast" are already preparing for their roles. Emma Watson, who will be playing Belle, is already taking voice lessons, as well as Watson's co-star, Dan Stevens who will portray Beast.

Emma Watson arrives with the entire live-action "Beauty and the Beast" cast on March 17, 2017.

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