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Survey Reveals a Portion of Fruit Can Significantly Reduce Heart Disease Risk

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If you are looking for an incentive to eat fruits every day, then this new Oxford University survey may do it. Based on their latest study, an apple a day-or any preferred serving of fruit-can reduce cardiovascular disease risk up to 40%.

Although many studies have been developed to determine the relationship between health and proper nutrition, this study remains a landmark since it focuses on fruits alone. Participated by 500,000 men and women, the Oxford University study revealed that eating a single portion of fruit every day can already improve heart health, especially for those who are already in their fifties.

Nevertheless, the research team recommends the public to consume more than one portion of fruits to decrease the chances of suffering from stroke and hypertension further. In fact, Dr. Adam Briggs of British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group believed that if adults regardless of age eat an extra serving or portion of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, more than 10,000 heart-related deaths can be prevented annually.

Meanwhile, eating an apple at least once a day for those who are over fifty can save more than 8,000 lives each year. Apples have similar properties and potency as statin drugs that are used to help lower blood cholesterol levels but without any side effects. It does not have any sodium content or cholesterol and is rich in fiber.

For maximum health, organizations such as the American Heart Association encourage eating 5 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. However, over 60% do not follow this guideline, while 90% consume only a single serving of fruit or vegetable every day.

The team behind this new survey hopes to tell everyone that making small changes in the diet, such as adding fruit or increasing its intake gradually, can already have a huge impact on a person's health. 

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