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IKEA Promotes Better Health with Its New Sit/Stand Desk

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ikea bekant
(Photo : Ikea website)

The world-recognized popular furniture brand is not only beautifying your home but also promises to help you take care of your health by launching BEKANT, its new and innovative sit/stand desk.

BEKANT joins the growing market of sit/stand desks, which are a rave in Silicon Valley companies and other businesses that want to encourage better health and wellness for their employees.

At first glance, BEKANT looks like a regular clunky desk with a length of 63 inches, width of 31.5 inches, and a maximum load of 154 pounds.

It comes with a highly durable tabletop, which you can customize by choosing any of the available designs like stained, clear acrylic lacquer, ash veneer, particleboard, foil, and ABS plastic. The feet may also be interchanged with aluminum or polyester powder coating.

The table comes with cable management system in a form of a pouch. It's made from 70% rubber and 30% polyester, with some steel.

IKEA is known for its simplistic designs, so unlike other sit/stand desks that already have programmable controls, BEKANT doesn't have any. However, it is a completely motorized desk that allows you to change its height by pressing any of the integrated two buttons. In the sitting position, its height is around 22 inches. It extends to a maximum height of 48 inches, though, converting it into a standing desk.

Moreover, sold at $489, this may be one of the cheapest reliable sit/stand desks available in the market.

Many studies have already showed the correlation between prolonged sitting and early death. For example, sitting for at least 6 hours a day makes you 40% more likely to die than those who sit half the time within the next 15 years.

As more people spend more time sitting, health experts believe that sit/stand desks such as IKEA's BEKANT will help encourage weight loss and management, as well as increased productivity. 

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