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EXO SM Entertainment News K-pop Album Review: 'Love Me Right' Video Directed By MJ's 'History' Choreographer

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In the latest EXO SM entertainment news, the Korean boy band has done it again climbing to the top of music charts selling more than a million copies of their new album.

A K-pop album review by the Daily Sundial claimed that “EXODUS” including both Korean and Chinese versions, sold 753,860 units since its release on Mar. 30.

The K-pop album review also mentioned the revamped album version of “Love Me Right,” (Korean and Chinese versions included), sold 371,160 copies making the combined sales tag at a hopping 1.125 million copies.

In contrast to these figures, the Korean edition of “EXODUS” sold 452,869 and the Chinese version sold 275,800 for a total of 728,669, according to Korea’s Gaon Chart. Additionally, “Love Me Right” came in No. 1 on the daily singles charts on Bugs, Genie and Daum. Simultaneously, it was No. 2 on Melon, Mnet, Olleh, Soribada, Naver and Monkey3.

“Love Me Right” has a Korean music video that reeled in 4.76 million hits after its YouTube upload last Jun. 2.

"K-pop, known as Korean pop, is a musical genre that originated in South Korea. Now the genre is quickly rising through the music scene and several world music charts," The Daily Sunday reported.

EXO is a team of powerhouse K-pop artists from entertainment firm SM. The group enjoys avid popularity among Koreans, particularly since April.

Billboard magazine reported in 2014, "the Korean sub-unit of twelve member guy group EXO, EXO-K’s music video for “Overdose” racked up millions of views. It has become the most watched K-pop video in the U.S. and around the world."

Mnet ''M! Countdown'' will signal EXO's performances in Korea including KBS ''Music Bank,'' ''Show! Music Core'' and ''Inkigayo.''

On another positive note, ''Love Me Right'' was directed by the same choreographer that worked on the late ''King of Pop,'' Michael Jackson's hit album, ''History.''

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